CT Editions publishes in print and digital media. The Protagonist is a project where an artist or creative practitioner is invited to keep a digital journal / scrapbook leading up to an exhibition or artwork they are producing or simply to follow their practice for a duration of time.

The Protagonist is now in its third year. Our current Protagonist is Bob & Roberta Smith, he is an artist who paints signs and writes.  The blog genuinely documents his daily activities, from being in the studio to waiting at the bus stop. It's going to be a visual experience rather than a literary one, with Bob & Roberta sharing his vision with us through photography and video. You can find a Q&A I did with the artist here.

During 2011 Oriana Fox posted content documenting her practice, which included numerous guest appearances on Let’s Paint TV; two residencies; The Do It All Dating Game at Nottingham Contemporary; her face to face encounter with Judy Chicago; the raffling off of unrealised art ideas, The O Show pilot episodes and much more. 

Our first Protagonist was Linder Sterling who kept a multi media journal for us from March till November 2010. Her blog illustrates experimentation and developments from her three major achievements of that year: The Darktown Cakewalk: Celebrated from the house of Fame, a 13 hour performance at the Glasgow Festival and again at the Chisenhale in London; The King's Ransom, her solo exhibition at Sorcha Dallas; and her film, Forgetful Green commissioned by Frieze Film and screened at the Frieze Art Fair 2010. 

It is my immense nosiness into the mysterious alchemy of art making and the personalities’ that make such magic that drives this simple 'show and tell' little project along. 

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Enjoy CT