Introducing Oriana Fox

Oriana Fox has a lot to deal with – whether it’s her psychological neuroses or the challenges inherent in the bohemian lifestyle – she finds creativity to be the only respite. If Oriana can find happiness, or at least enjoy herself in the process of striving towards it, so can you! Well, that is the arguably tenuous premise under which she has been invited to contribute to the Protagonist starting in February 2011. She is currently in the process of planning a series of live performances, a web-TV show and a new film which will be screened alongside videos by other artists who are also searching for emotional wellbeing and/or self-actualisation through their work. Oriana and her creative collaborators will share their respective coping mechanisms for dealing with life’s struggles. As life coach Barbara DeAngelis once said: “We teach what we need to learn.” For those readers whose cup of joy runneth over, many of the techniques illuminated here can be employed towards achieving unimaginably higher levels of happiness. 

Oriana’s project is The Art of Living and it kicks off on 12 April 2011 with a performance called The Do-It-All Dating Game at Nottingham Contemporary.

Disclaimer: The instruction and advice presented in this blog are not intended as a substitute for qualified medical counselling. Before beginning this or any other wellbeing regimen, consult a physician. Oriana Fox is not a qualified doctor or even expert – she is merely a professional artist. Therefore she and the publisher cannot accept responsibility for any injury or feelings of ennui or hopelessness that may occur as a result of reading this blog or following any of the instructions contained herein.