Life Management

Judy Chicago always produces works in series. Each topic she wants to address becomes a project and the qualities of her chosen theme are matched to the materials she uses. When she talked about this at The National Gallery a couple of weeks ago, this fact struck my boyfriend as 'very American'. Apparently to view one's output as always fitting within a wider, cohesive body of works or leading towards a larger goal reminded him of the business management strategies put in place in corporate offices. In other words, it's the kind of thing for which Gantt charts are employed. It amuses me that I found out how to make a Gantt chart, a distinctly American project management method, from a Brit. Usually a Gantt chart helps to plan a large-scale project, in my case I use Gantt charts to organise my life - apparently this is unusual, most people use a diary or just remember what they have to do. The more complex a given task (or collection of tasks) is, the more necessary a Gantt chart becomes. I guess my life is a piece of work!