Give & Take

(This is the idea I won and that I will have to perform within a year.)

At yesterday's Trash Salon, as a response to the question of how to do things with waste, I orchestrated a raffle of ideas - an exchange of unfulfilled art aspirations. These were the instructions:

Have you had a great idea for a performance that for some reason or another you just couldn’t pull off?

Don’t let your live art ideas go to waste! Give them to a performance artist who needs them!

Feeling the pressure to come up with new ideas for live art? Do you have a show lined up, but no clue what to do?

Take a load off and use someone else’s idea! This show is going to make itself.

It’s easy, just follow these simple steps:

1.  Think of an art idea you had that you never acted on and write it down on a card.

2.  Sign over permission for another artist to use it. (This is a small price to pay, considering you now have the chance to win someone else’s idea – no strings attached!)

3.  Swap the idea for a sheet of tickets.

4.  To win someone else’s idea place as many tickets as you wish into the adjacent cup.

5.  Towards the end of today’s salon, we will raffle each idea off, so keep your ears pricked and listen for your number. This could be your lucky day.

The below signed artists understand that in offering an idea to Oriana Fox’s ‘Give & Take’ raffle, they no longer hold any rights over that idea or the work(s) produced from it, and therefore have no recourse to financial or copyright claims when it is used by the performer who has won it. In agreeing to participate in the raffle, and in exchange for forfeiting authorship of their idea donation, they have the chance to win an idea and therefore promise to perform it to the best of their ability within one year of today 25 October 2011. They promise to notify Oriana as to when this live art piece took place, supplying her with a piece of documentation for her archive and that of performance matters.

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